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IT benchmarking helps organisations to compare their in-house IT performance. However, the aim of a benchmark is not to have the best IT but to improve current IT performance. Instead of simply placing figures on expenditure and earnings, the focus of benchmarking projects is to continue to develop IT. The aim of a comparison with other organisations is to identify best practice and errors from which competitors have learned lessons.


The result of the benchmarking project provides management with guidance in a non-transparent market. This book describes the principles of IT benchmarking and is intended to provide both an informative and an easy to read guide to the process. Practicians report the essentials for a comparison, what requirements must be satisfied and how the results can be used. To identify the status of their IT, companies can use best practice to be able to use the full potential of a benchmarking project.


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Hubert Buchmann, Alexander Freimark, Michael Gladbach, Gerold Hauer, Gerd Hussmann, Thomas Karg, Timo Kopp, Jan Geert Meents, Kai Nowak, Jonas Repschläger, Marion Sander, Silke Schilling, Karsten Tampier, Rainer Tesche, Rüdiger Zarnekow
Hubert Buchmann, Thomas Karg/Maturity GmbH
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