The Fugger Dynasty in Augsburg

Merchants, Mining Entrepreneurs, Bankers and Benefactors

The story of the Fuggers is absolutely amazing: Jakob Fugger was the outstanding business genius of the Renaissance. He financed the im­perial thrones of Maximilian I and Charles V, minted coins for the popes and created a major European banking, trading, mining and precious metal corporation. His nephew and successor Anton acquired even more wealth. Anton Fugger provided credit to the House of Habsburg, to kings and to the Medici. Never again was one company to have such enormous political and economic influence. Still today, one can hear about the Age of the Fuggers. The Fugger family were known as the German Medici because of their wealth, their love of the arts and their investment in splendour.

This travel guide “The Fugger Dynasty in Augsburg, Merchants, Mining Entrepreneurs, Bankers and Benefactors“ with a wealth of photos and informative texts, takes you on a trip through Augsburg, the city of the Fuggers, to the world-famous Fuggerei, the Fugger castles and churches. The places of interest de­scribed here all bear witness to a major chapter in European economic and social history.

The Fugger Dynasty in Augsburg. Merchants, Mining Entrepreneurs, Bankers and Benefactors
Martin Kluger
Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH
118 x 210 mm, 96 Seiten, 115 Fotos, historische Abbildungen, Karten
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